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Discussion in 'Rifle Discussion' started by cyborg, Feb 1, 2010.

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    I have owned a Colt Sporter II AR-15A2 full length rifle for a long time. Frankly I have been more of an AK guy and have been focused on collecting them. Now I want to turn my attention back to the AR-15. I would like to do what is necessary to end up with both the standard configuration I have AND , if possible, a M4 style carbine option as well.

    I am hoping to do something like the following. Get an M4 type upper and the collapsible stock and put it on the lower i have. Of course i am hoping to be able to EASILY swap back and forth from little carbine to full length rifle. Since I know very little about what this will take I am left wondering....

    What do I need to know to get a compatible M4 upper to mount on my gun? Does it need to be Colt? Are there tricky alignments? How EASILY can you swap back and forth? I imagine the upper may be simple enough to swap if I get a compatible one but how about stock swapping? That sounds like it may be much more involved.

    I am hoping someone can lay out the simple path to accomplish this for me (If it is possible or reasonable) as I dont really have the time or frankly the inclination to sift through the maze of info out there to determine how best to do this.

    Any advice would be appreciated guys....THX
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    Your rifle has a larger non standard (Milspec) front assembly screw; it is a captive pushpin on milspec standard rifles & carbines. Because of this you will need an adapter pin in order to utilize new uppers; they are available at Midway & Brownells. New LE Colts are made w/ standard size pins. Colt did not want us to be able to use miltary or LE uppers on thier rifles back then. LMT & BCM M4 complete uppers ($500 - $700) are generally considered the best quality (Milspec), however there are others that are very nice. If you use your Colt BCG & charging handle, you can save $175 - $200 on your upper. DSA arms is selling good quality uppers w/o BCG & charging handle for $275. You can also pick up an M4 stock assy at most of the internet gunparts suppliers for less than $100. I like the LMT SopMod stock ($200), but I have standard M4 stocks on some of my carbines. Check out & for additional information. The only specialize tool that you should need is a stock wrench. You can pick one up for around $10 online

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