Anyone looking for EMAGS?

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    I have 16 of these guys I really don't need. These are not $15 PMAGS, they MSRP for around $25 and fit virtually any 556 platform out there including SCAR & SA80 and especially any AR-15/M4 platform you throw at it. Plus they are smooth, no grabby edges and fit better than PMAGs in your chest rig or whatever. None-better, these are the flagship of the PMAG family. And yes they have windows and caps and are new in package, recent production.

    I would sell them for $35 a mag or I would trade for lowers, especially MEGA or Seekins billet. DSG sells these mags for $23 without shipping, although who knows when they were last in stock, a mega billet lower is 250, so you get the idea, on a trade there is no markup etc. Bolt carrier groups are another option, or 223/556 ammo, or Mega/seekins billet uppers. Maybe another type of lower or upper? If a lower retails for around 250 than I will give you 10 mags or whatever. Nobody loses.

    Thanks for looking!


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