Anyone have a Sight Adjustment Tool for SigSauer P226 to rent or barrow?

Discussion in 'Maintenance & Gunsmithing' started by B Brazier, Aug 31, 2013.

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    I have a SigSauer P226 that shoots 2" to the right,the rear sight is clearly off to the right. Unfortunately I dont have the funds to have a gunsmith fix it or buy a sight pusher right now. If someone has one that would rent out to me or let me barrow, I live in the Kent East Hill area of WA, or I can pay shipping both ways if your not close by. I would appreciate any assistance in getting the sight adjusted.
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    A simple way to take care of this, is to put the slide in a padded vise (leather works well as padding) and use a brass punch with several layers of painters tape on it (to protect the sight/slide finish) to drift the sight over.

    I would not use a punch on tritium sights, if your handgun has them.
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    Like he said, for non-tritium sights a punch and pad work. If you really want a pusher, I have a JMT Mk IV that should do it; it's supposed to be universal (pretty much). I live in Redmond, you can leave a deposit and take it (it was about $80). I'll return the deposit when you bring it back. Rental fee is one (1) 12oz. Red Hook ESB. ;)
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