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Never have, but yesterday I saw the green fiber optic sights at the Glock booth at the gun showand they sure looked like they needed to be on my 17. Onlt thing is the guy wants $119.00 for them but will install them for free. Seems a little pricey to me!:confused:
Aesthetically, MountainBear is correct. However, it does work. I applied "dots" on my three-dot sights... 2 Colt Combat Commanders and 1 Star Firestar. I used a toothpick to add the drops to the sights. It does look a little bush league but they do glow in the dark.
Okay. Let me expand my comment a bit. First, I have used the paint. Second, to a limited fashion, it does work. It does glow in the dark. But like all paints like this (like cheap watches), the paint needs to be charged with light. Therefor if you have the gun in a bright room and the lights suddenly go out, you're in great shape. But if you hear a bump in the night at 3 AM and you grab the gun from your nightstand drawer, they don't work so well. If you just want bright color on your sights, get a toothpick and some Testor's model paint. I've done several for customers, most of whom like the white paint on their rear sights (or none at all) and red on their front sight (or white if a black rear is used).
If you are looking for a sight set that will allow you to get a good sight alignment at night, save the money and have a smith install your preferred style of night sights. They do not require light to charge and will glow whether they've been in direct light or in a dark drawer.
did you use the clear paint or colored?

I used a white glow paint that glows a whitish greenish color. MountainBear properly points out that they need some occasional sunlight to keep glowing for long. Real tritium inserts, or whatever the latest and greatest nuclear glowsight material is, would be better in most circumstances... and also costlier. I'm usually home before the sun goes down so it hasn't been a big issue. :)
Tritium is nuclear, or radioactive that is. Fiber optic sights are NOT night sights. They work decent in some low light situation but not like night sights do. Trijicon makes the only night sights used by the DOD, iirc. On my M&P I had GITD sight and if I hit them with Streamlight for about a second it would charge them for about 5 minutes. You might look in to XS Big dot sights too.
I tried the night sighters on my pistol.
Only worked if they were charged first and they didn't last long.

I installed a set of Ameriglo sights and have been happy with them.
Green front and yellow rear.
Always bright no matter what.
The white outline is very visible in daylight.
Dim to low light and they really stand out.
Both eyes open is a very easy to get a good sight picture, at least for me.
I had a Taurus PT-24/7 and it had reg sights so I took the front sight and drilled a hole about 2/3 of the way and packed it with glow in the dark paint (plastic front sight). It looked like it would work good until I went into a dark room, and not a darn thing showed. I took a flashlight and charged up the glow paint and it was noticeable. I would recommend you just save up and get some nice night sights. I have a pair of Trijicon night sights for my glock and they are tough as heck and they look very nice in the dark.
I have played around with sight paints and I found the best to be womens finger nail polish. Tons of color and the paint is made to lay on flat, quick dry and it is tuff. Super cheap too. I had better results with the finger nail polish than the special glow in the dark and hi-vis sight paints. Wally world has all sorts of obnoxious ugly super bright colors; just perfect for a front sight post.
What's the life of the radioactive sights, seven years? You have to replace them every so often.
The half-life of tritium is 12 years, so after that long they'll be half as bright as when new. If you replace them every 12 years it still works out to less than $1 a month for sights you can see at night. A bargain for a defensive handgun IMO.

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