Anybody own a Magnum Research BFR


I was thinking about getting a Revolver in 454 Casull in the Ruger SRH persuasion. In the process of doing research I came across several threads complaing about oversize or max to saami spec throats and barrels and Ruger not really addressing the problems. So, that led me to Magnum research BFR's. Does anybody here own one and have any feedback good or bad about them? I do know they are a big ol hunk of metal and you could prolly pistol whip a moose with one. Are they manageable to carry, handle and shoot. The BFR factoid read is interesting and almost has me convinced I need one of these in 45/70 vs 454 Casull. Fire away men!

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I don't personally own one, though I have been so tempted by the .30/30 WCF version over the years. Everything I have heard about them has been positive and the one person I've known who's owned one thinks it is the cat's pajamas.

Regarding the .45/70, if you are going to do the BFR, why not go big? :D
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I don't have one but have spent some time behind a BFR in 45/70. IMO they are well made, beefy as h*ll, on par w/an SRH (other than being SA) but a notch better fit and finish. My initial thought on the 45/70 was that it was pretty brutal out of the box. After putting some nice target grips on it and a Leupold it was pleasant to shoot. Not much different than a hot 44 mag out of my SRH. It really needed grips and the extra weight of the scope was a bonus. I probably only shot ~30 rnds through it total before my friend moved it on. It was for sale on here for a while. If the timing had been better I would have it now, still wish I could have swung that deal.

I wouldn't hesitate to purchase one, they're big! Large hands and decent upper body strength help, they aren't called Big F'n Revolver for nuthin' :)
I had a 454 and enjoyed it while I had it. Really nice fit and finish. I do mostly target shooting and it was getting expensive.
I now want one!!!!! Would give me a great reason for a new 45-70 lever gun....

but in Kali, this sort of crap flies

"BFR’s are legal for sale in California pursuant to Sec. 12133 of SB15, except for .45LC/410."

Why are they picking on .45LC/.410?

This sure is state of contrast. Folks up north here are friendly and for the most part conservative but Sacramento guv. is another planet. Uranus I think;).

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I love my BFR .45-70. Excellent quality, excellent accuracy, fun to shoot. I put fifty rounds through it one day. Ugh, that was a bit much. 2" groups at 100 yards, maybe better, if you are up to it. Would love to get a western-style holster for it for open-carry days.:D


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