Anybody else collect antique knives and swords?

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Wombat of Doom, Feb 17, 2018.

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    I mean by this, historic originals, not repros. I have acquired a few, including recently an LF&C 1918 trench knife. Obviously, some pics are forthcoming, but surely I am not the only person here who has Napoleonic and civil war swords in the office.
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    Three knives all from the 1890's early 1900's
    All three are still in use as camp , kitchen and hunting knives.
    Top one is a Universal ...I won it at a shooting match and put on the antler handle
    Middle one is a Christopher & Johnson from Sheffield England..again won as a shooting prize and added the horn handle
    Bottom is a Russel "Green River " butcher...
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    Given to me by my wife's late GF.

    Was given to him by a friend that brought it back from the Middle East.

    It has a wood brown handle with brass but it came out green in the pics.

    It was a user and not a show piece but was very well taken care of and is sharp as a razor.

    It sits next to my gun safe in case I need something faster then I can get into my quick access gun safe.

    Probably more so because it's one of a couple things he left just for me.

    Great old dude

    IMG_1088.JPG IMG_1089.JPG IMG_1090.JPG IMG_1091.JPG
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