OFF ALERT Anti-Gun Bill Passes House (Just Barely)

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    House Bill 4147 has passed out of the House with 31 “yes” votes, the bare minimum required.

    Three Democrats voted “no”, Brad Witt, Deborah Boone and Caddy McKeowan.

    As expected, the anti-rights zealots trotted out many stories of domestic violence and mass killings, not a single one of which would have been affected by this bill.

    House Rep Jeff Barker and others twisted the truth by claiming that this bill would not endanger victims of domestic violence. This is 100% false. He mentioned the provision in last year’s SB 941 that allows a person facing “imminent danger” to borrow a firearm and implied that somehow this allowed them to get a gun from a dealer without a background check.

    (Barker admitted that not a single mass shooting in the last 5 years would have been prevented by this bill.)

    The fact is, SB 941 is so badly written that it is highly unlikely that a woman who feared for her life would be able to acquire a firearm for protection, and even if she did, she could only get it from a private party, not a dealer.

    Those victims who simply don’t have friends or family members who not only own guns but are willing to put themselves in legal jeopardy to lend one, are simply out of luck.

    The proponents of the bill all agree this is only a step towards more restrictions. The bill now moves to the Senate where it has been assigned to the Senate Rules Committee.

    This bill is going to move very quickly. Please contact the Rules Committee and your State Senator and urge a “No Vote”

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