Ammo pricing and gouging ??

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    Seriously a lot of the ammo prices your seeing on the web in stores and gun shops are more reasonable than is seems, due to manufacture-wholesale to dealer costs.

    Current dealer costs listed below are for per box pricing not including shipping or hazmat fees, case pricing is a little better but not much, maybe .50 -.75 cents per box.

    If you’re a smaller dealer you would have to sell a full case of ammo to make 10.00 - 25.00 on the case pricing , and still have to cover the freight and hazmat fees. 35.00-75.00$

    How much profit would you want for what you make or sell ??

    Winchester USA Q3131A 223 55gr FMJ Cost 8.60 box 20
    Winchester USA Q3174 7.62x39 123gr FMJ Cost 12.81 box 20
    Winchester USA 3081 308 147gr FMJ Cost 14.78 box 20
    Winchester USA 9MM 9mm 115gr FMJ Cost 15.66 box 50
    Winchester USA 40SW 40SW 165gr FMJ Cost 17.59 box 50
    Winchester USA Q4170 45 230 FMJ Cost 17.99 box 50
    Winchester Supreme ST223B 55gr Cost 20.58 box 20
    Winchester Supreme ST308A 168gr Cost 30.54 box 20
    Winchester Silvertip 40SW 155gr Cost 38.63 box 50
    Winchester Silvertip 45ACP 185gr Cost 15.50 box 20

    Federal AE 76239A 124gr FMJ Cost 12.25 box 20
    Federal AE 308D 150gr FMJ Cost 14.23 box 20
    Federal PPD 9MM 135gr Hydra-Shock Cost 17.91 box 20
    Federal PPD 40SW 135gr Hydra-Shock Cost 19.88 box 20
    Federal PPD 45A 230gr Hydra-Shock Cost 19.88 box 20

    These are current FFL Dealer wholesale prices , if you can get any is another question.

    I doubt prices will go anywhere but up , even if the manufactures catch up on production, Winchester publishes the factory MSRP on their web sight, current 223 ball is 14.00 for 20 rounds.

    Having fun at the range is going to be expensive, but do not take it out on your local dealer and retailer, they need to make a living too.
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    Not really a classified ad - moved to the appropriate forum area.
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    Going by these prices and the fact it's been a long while since I've bought any ammo I may have got'n raped the other day at .60 a round for American Eagle 230gr .45 ACP. but thats why I only got 100 rounds :0

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