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Ammo is out of hand when...

Discussion in 'General Firearm Discussion' started by Brutus57, May 31, 2013.

  1. Brutus57

    Brutus57 Skagit County Well-Known Member

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    I start dreaming about it. I was in a antiques and firearms sort of mom and pop place in my dream last night and was thrilled to get my hands on several 50 round give or take 5 decades.Heck, I didn't even recognize the brand, some blue boxes...crazy dream. The price about $5.00 box. Imagine my disappointment when I woke up and no .22LR! :huh:

    Brutus out.
  2. 3MTA3

    3MTA3 DMZ between Liberty and Tyranny Behind Enemy Lines Bronze Supporter

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    I have dreams about 22's as well, sometimes several of them, but definitely not ammunition :cool:
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  3. charros93

    charros93 Puget Sound Active Member

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    funny I posted this a few days ago...

    Last night I had a dream that my local sporting goods store ACTUALLY had bulk packs of .22lr, and 9mm on the shelves. Not just a few boxes either. I grabbed 2 boxes of federal 9mm and a brick of CCI mini mags. I was so happy and I paid for the ammo, but for some reason I set it down in the store, walked out only to realize I left it behind. When I went back in to get it and it was gone and so was ALL the ammo on the shelves.
    I remember waking up thinking "seriously.. I'm having nightmares about ammo?" This has gone way too far.
  4. 45 Sig

    45 Sig North Seattle Bronze Supporter Bronze Supporter

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    I just got back from Low Price Gun's in Bellevue where they're having a sale on firearms, accessories AND ammunition. Picked up a 300 round box of Federal XM855's discounted from $199.99, $169.99, to $159.99 this weekend only. There was lots of 20 round 5.56mm and 223 for around $11-$13 a box including green tipped American Eagles. Boxes of Winchester M-22 .22lr was marked at $29.99 and there was no shortage of 9mm, .40 cal and .45acp, but prices weren't the greatest. Lots of online distributors are now stocking cases of the Federal green tips, but none as cheap as what LPG's selling them for. What this means is Federal's all caught up on their government contracts and are now filling the little guys they've neglected the past 8 months. Eventually shelves will be over flowing and box limits will be history...and after the demand dies down, prices will have to come down. West Coast Armory North had cases of 9mm with a two box limit at $16.99/50, but how long can they sit on their inventory if the demand isn't there? It's all about supply and demand...and eventually it'll be about competition for your dollars.

    Reloaders check your online favorite suppliers because I've been seeing powders and bullet components becoming available again...buy what you need to get you through the summer, then re-evaluate after the dust settles.

    Have fun and happy shooting.
  5. mrblond

    mrblond Salem OR Well-Known Member

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    Man, I was happy when Underwood put up some 10mm yesterday. I also went to Sportsmans outdoors here in Salem and they had about nothing ammo wise.
  6. Will

    Will Everett Active Member

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    A long time ago a good friend told me a firearm with out ammo is a club or a hammer. I bought less firearms and more ammo for the firearms I own. I don't have those crazy dreams...:huh:
  7. Mr. Ben

    Mr. Ben Snohomish Co. Active Member

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    Lucky for me, my wife has been hitting them up for the 22LR they have in stock while I'm at work.
  8. pokerace

    pokerace Newberg Well-Known Member

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    Take a look at the ammo classified $70 for a brick of 22
  9. Squidly

    Squidly Sandy Active Member

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    My god, remember the spam can prices of 762x39 from china in the 80s?