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I am selling my ak74 Polish Tantal imported by Century Arms. It is all original as I have not made any alterations.

THE GOOD: The lucky winner will get, with the sale at asking price, the rifle, sling, five 30 rounds magazines (2 Bulgarians, 3 Magpul P-Mags), and 100 rounds of TulAmmo. I have additional ammo for sale, as well, if interested

This is a smooth and easy shooter. I’ve had zero malfunctions in my several years of owning it. It is stored in a climate controlled safe, as well. I can hit steel targets at 100m using iron sights while standing. Read the below, but know that this thing still hits its targets, and doesn’t “kick” like its bigger brother in 7.62x39.

THE BAD: This is one of Century Arms’ FUBAR AK74 models that they put the wrong barrel on after they imported it. It runs 5.45 just fine, but the bullets often “keyhole” the target. One more reason this caliber is often referred to as “the poison bullet”, I guess. Allegedly, CAI accidentally put 5.56 barrels on these instead of 5.45. I haven’t tried shooting 5.56 through it, and I won’t. But the buyer, after purchase and cleared transfer, can do whatever they want!

Additionally, the barrel has seen some corrosive ammo in its day. The bore is corroded some, but the rifling is still visible and cleans up okay. Since my ownership for about 6 years, it is regularly cleaned after a range day, and I haven’t used corrosive ammo at all during my ownership.

There are a few barrel manufacturers that sell pre-milled barrels for these. Green Mountain Barrels has one for about $160 am ready for install by your gunsmith, or yourself if you’re so inclined and equipped.

This all being said, I’ve priced this at well under the typical selling price for this rifle. I’ve seen values anywhere from $1800 (a year ago) to $2400 (within the last couple of months) sold online without the barrel issue. I know the gun market is crazy right now, but these rifles aren’t going down in price anytime soon. Given the condition of the barrel, and the expectation that a buyer, if they so choose, will likely replace that barrel, I’ve reduced the price to allow for that expense.

Cash price, including the rifle, the sling, five mags, and 100 rounds of ammunition is $1,500.

I have an additional 300-ish rounds of 5.45x39 TulAmmo for sale at $10/box of 20.

PM if interested. I’m looking for mostly cash, but will consider partial trades for: Ruger Vaquero in 357/38, Henry Lever Rifle in 357/38 or 45-70, Winchester 1897 in 12 gauge, leather belts or holsters, or good hunting boots in my size. Other offers may be considered case by case. More pictures by request.

Buyer to pay all transfer fees. Willing to meet within 1 hour of Lincoln City for a serious buyer. Prefer meeting at Lincoln City Sporting Goods for transfer.

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I suppose this one doesn’t have us polymer furniture but that’s the most common 922r parts I’ve seen with century aks just a tangent

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