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OK, so I have a converted Saiga AK, and this thing supposedly has a Tapco G2 trigger which supposedly is a no-slap trigger. I'm finding that this is not really the case. The problems:

1) Long trigger creep
2) Absolutely no discernible point of trigger travel where you know the rifle will go bang. Now some may say this is great- I say it sucks balls.
3) Trigger slap

Are there any AK trigger groups out there that will eliminate these problems?
Do the trigger parts say tapco on them? I have installed and test fires over 35 G2 trigger groups and have never had those issues. From your description it sounds like an original AK trigger group. I'd take it out and inspect it. The side of the trigger will say TAPCO USA on don't even have to take it out to see it.
If its not a Tapco G2,look at the disconnector and see if it has a tab sticking out. I have a century built AK that had one on it and had trigger slap. I ground the tab off it eliminated the trigger slap.
Also worth noting is that with a little work from a smith that is familiar with the procedure, you can make the factory AK trigger much, much smoother, for less than the price of a trigger upgrade. The factory trigger is not a throw away item at all.

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