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Hey Guys,

My son asked if he could come with me to the gun club the other day, and I had to tell him no because I didn't have any ear defenders or shooting glasses that would fit him. Can you give me some recommendations on some good hear that would fit a little guy, and where to get it?

I wouold check on line or a local shop for child size options. On glasses - I believe you can get a pair of childrens glasses
On hearing - seems to me we used our parents = they were just big.

I will say that it is amazing how loud guns are - particularly at covered ranges
First off, It is Awesome that you are getting your son interested into shooting, and that he "wants" to learn.
First before you take him to a range, teach him the basic Safety fundamentals. Treat ALL guns as if they are loaded! point muzzle (barrel) down range at all times, keep finger off of trigger until ready to shoot. etc...
Also, teach him how to hold the weapon properly. That way there won't be any yelling at him at the range, which in turn will Scare him away from wanting to learn... unloaded weapon, teach how to hold, and aim... and to press the trigger, not jerk it... a lot for the little guy to take in at home, but really scary at a range full of strange people...

Here are a couple links to hearing and eye protection. Peltor 90554 Kid's Earmuff, Blue: Home Improvement Peltor 97070 Junior Earmuff, Black: Home Improvement Pyramex Mini Ztek Safety Eyewear, Clear Lens With Clear Frame: Home Improvement Starlite SM Safety Glasses - Anti-Fog: Home Improvement Radians Mirage Small Frame Clear Lens Safety Glasses: Home Improvement

Or maybe go to a local industrial safety type store, and see what they have in stock...

Good luck, and show some pic's of the little guy shooting.

Stay Safe.
As a side note I would recommend the "Oregon Hunters safety class" even if you never intend to hunt, it is $10 for many hours of training over several weeks, took it with my two boys and learned new things myself and we don't hunt.
Yeah you should be able to find some kids safety glasses or (don't tell him they are girl sizes) some women's safety sizes.
The ear muffs should adjust down enough to fit him pretty good.Maybe some kind of head band to keep them tight on his head.Maybe a stocking hat?
I believe I just used mine for my son at that age.
Ear plugs are kind of hard to fit in those little ears.

And great to hear you are starting him young.I started my son at around 2-3 with some 22s.He learned all the right safety rules too.Still a good shot and still very safe.
Have fun! I've been taking my two girls, age 8 and 11 to the range for about a year now. Amazing how many random people come up and thank me for starting them off early and teaching them correctly about guns and being safe. And everyone is amazed that they can out-shoot about 90% of the range. Yes, they are only shooting .22lr, but when the guy next to us is shooting .45's like it's a Rambo movie, there is still some intimidation factor going on. My eight year old really digs the M&P 15-22 and shoots 1-2" groups most of the time at 50'. It's the best Daddy / Daughter time we have.
The best hearing protection I've found when introducing a new shooter to the sport is a silencer. You can more easily give safety instructions, there's no "scary" loud muzzle report and there's usually a reduction in felt recoil. A good .22 silencer is amazing and I had a young lady friend of mine comfortably shooting my suppressed .45 the first day she shot a firearm.
took my grandson out a few yrs. ago at the age of 5. he had to wear my ear muffs , and a small pair of safety glasses but he didn't care-- my son has invested in child size everything now , as he has one daughter shooting at 3 yrs. (rem 597-22) ! actually , i was very impressed at the safety these children can adhere to , if we take the time to teach !!

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