A Ridiculous Anti-Gun Bill Proposed in Missouri

Discussion in 'Legal & Political Archive' started by etrain16, Dec 4, 2015.

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    I saw this while reviewing the news this morning. A bill proposed in Missouri is designed to make buying a gun "as difficult as getting an abortion", which is apparently difficult to do in MO. I don't think this bill has a chance to pass, but it's interesting to see how many different ways these folks will try to attack constitutionally protected rights.

    Here are some key points in the bill:
    • Buyers must review alternatives to purchasing a firearm (including peaceful and nonviolent conflict resolution) and medical risks associated with firearms (including photographs of fatal firearm injuries) with the dealer, orally and in writing.
    • At least 72 hours before attempting to buy a gun, prospective gun owners must meet with a licensed physician to discuss the risks of gun ownership, and obtain a written notice from the doctor.
    • The gun must be purchased from a licensed gun dealer located at least 120 miles (193 kilometers) from the purchaser’s legal residence. (That’s the average distance women must travel in Missouri to obtain an abortion).
    • Buyers must watch a half-hour video about fatal firearm injuries.
    • Buyers must meet with two local faith leaders who have officiated (within the past year) a funeral for a young (under 18) gun violence victim, and with two families who have been victims of gun violence.
    • On a weekend between 10 pm and 6 am, when gun violence victims are present, buyers must tour an emergency trauma center at the nearest qualified urban hospital, and get written verification from a doctor.
    Even the bill's sponsor admits this is a somewhat symbolic gesture, but jeez, can't these people come up with a proposed solution that is somewhere in the realm of reality? Is it even possible for them to understand the real issues surrounding these shootings? I swear, every time I hear a politician do crap like this I'm absolutely shocked that voters continue to support them.

    I get what she's trying to do, but let's be fair here - intentionally taking a life by abortion versus buying a gun to protect life is hardly a rational comparison. Maybe we need to rather increase the requirements for anyone to run for office.

    Original article: http://www.msn.com/en-us/news/polit...-as-getting-an-abortion/ar-AAg0LmY?li=BBnb7Kz
  2. ZA_Survivalist

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    This is so unconstitutional its laughable.
    I hope to god it gets shut down, this is firearm owner harassment plain and simple, by far one of the most blatant bigoted bills Ive seen.
  3. etrain16

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    Well, if something like that passed here, I suppose we could all have Dr. @bolus write a note for us ;)
  4. Certaindeaf

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    Yeabut don't they give out free abortion pills at every pharmacy everywhere, even to children? The new improved back-alley!
    Kinda shoots down all that "equivalency" folderol.
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  5. WasrNwarpaint

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    OH PLEASE.....your concerned about abortion pills when the dyke oregon governor setup up another secret deal so that oregon health can now chop up your under age childs peepee and oregon tax payers pay for it...and most mommies dont even know about this stripping of parental rights

    same governor has invited "islamic refugees", & boy do I use that term loosely...we have nothing to fear from islamic women or children do we?...we have islamic americans already here that are trying to murder us over a Koran

    you have a fight right here against the democrats in oregon it would be fairly easy to stir up pissed off mommies over these issues.....but ...too many talking heads in here screaming molon labe that will roll over and turn in their guns when told to do so, 20% will hide the undocumented weapons they have & never to use them again, while the country is being turned over to the socialists & your still upset about abortion pills

    I proposed an attack here in oregon with a smear campaign against the dems for these 2 issues above to turn the public agaisnt them....but I only hear crickets or others spouting send your money to the nra

    so good luck with that boys! Im looking at property out of state
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  6. bolus

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    LOL, that's a funny law.

    I counter with:
    In order to be elected to the legislature.

    1. within 90 days of being elected, the legislator must be rendered permanently unable to reproduce with either a bilateral tubal ligation, oophorectomy or a orchiectomy
    2. Legislators must renounce all religion
    3. for a legislator to vote on a bill, they must achieve a at least a bachelor's degree in education on the subject. this would include at least 120 hours of college level credit on the subject and achieve at least a B+ grade level. If they do not achieve the grade level they are immediately impeached and required to perform 10,000 hours of community service.
    4. Legislators can only serve one term. At the end of the term they will be required to submit themselves to be entered into the military and perform at least 3 years of overseas duty.
  7. Medic!

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    Are they going to require people shot in a mass murder to first show proper victim tactics?

    Maybe take a class in bleeding through a gunshot wound. Or better yet show proof a coffin was purchased at least 72 hours in advance of there being murdered! :s0125:
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  8. Mark W.

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    What if I just want the firearm for shooting food? Will they have to be Gluten Free?
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  9. Caveman Jim

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    They don't GAS about gun violence, they just want the populous disarmed and the sheep to continue eatin grass!!!
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  10. waglockfan

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    Oh look, a Demorat. Who would have guessed?
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