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    VANCOUVER, Wash. – A Vancouver man battling cancer made a tough decision to sell part of his gun collection to help pay bills.

    Now, Andrew Hammond is without either. He took eight of his 10 guns to C&C Consignment in Vancouver in hopes of making $2,000 through consignment sale, which gives you the money after your items are sold in store.

    On Friday, Hammond returned to the store to collect the money after hearing his guns had been sold. But C&C was locked.

    Hammond said he needed that money to help pay bills after undergoing years of cancer treatment. He estimated he could pay for a month of medical expenses with the money.

    “I went through some pretty tough chemo,” he said.

    The guns that he gave to C&C were family heirlooms – gifts from his father, who had just passed away. His father and grandfather owned the gun collection, which had been passed down in the family for more than 100 years.

    For Hammond, losing both his guns and money is an emotional as well as financial drain.

    “They’ve managed to just really depress me,” he said. “Take some wind out of my sails.”

    We stopped by C&C on Monday afternoon and found a crew hauling away boxes from the store. The person at the store declined comment.

    The store gave us a flier that stated that although C&C is closing, they have “every intention of settling all accounts with customers.”

    “We have been working on a loan, which has been approved and we are now awaiting final funding of the loan,” the flier read.

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