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    Love the site...a couple ideas that occurred to me...

    (1) Some sites allow you to add "badges" that show up in your little profile on the left of your posts. For example, on rimfirecentral.com, you can check off whether you're a member of the NRA, GOA, a vet, etc. If NWFA wanted to do that, I would do NRA, NRA Life, GOA, OFF, whatever the Washington and Idaho state orgs are, the various military branchs, perhaps law enforcement, etc.

    (2) Personally, I like getting the response emails that have the response quoted in them. But honestly, sometimes I just the email and don't click through to the site. Some forums (e.g., surplusrifleforum.com) send you an instant notification, but if you want to see what it was, you need to click and go to the site. I guess if you derive revenue on some kind of per-site visit, perhaps that would be a better approach...just a thought.

    Just a couple random ideas to throw in the hopper...keep up the good work!

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