90 year old turns the tables

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    90-year-old laundromat owner, George Hicks of Dayton, Ohio, turned the tables on an attempted robber when he was confronted in his office recently.
    Security video captured the foiled robbery and showed a man wearing a hoodie, demanding cash from Mr. Hicks.
    The unknown suspect then got quite a surprise when the elderly man refused the request and pulled out a chrome semi-automatic gun, sending the burglar running from R&J Laundromat.

    In a report via KTRK ABC 13, George laughed saying, “It’s just funny. Dumb [bleep] comes in here. I’ve got the gun and he’s running.”
    WDTN 2 News reported that the business owner told officers that the thief entered the laundromat asking for change for a five-dollar bill. When the register was opened the suspect shoved Mr. Hicks down and demanded all the money.
    When the victim pulled his gun, the would-be robber took off empty handed. George called 911 and explained what happened to the dispatcher.

    An excerpt from the recorded 911 call:

    911: "Did he take any money?"

    George Hicks: "No. No. When he shoved me, I jumped up and went for my gun and when I went for my gun I said, ‘I'll blow your [bleep] brains out,’ and he was gone."

    As reported by WRGT Fox 45, this wasn’t George’s first encounter with thieves at the business. In 2010 Mr. Hicks was beaten and robbed in the R&J Laundromat.
    But this time George was ready and said he wasn't scared by the encounter, telling WHIO News, “Why get scared? I’ve got the gun and he’s running.”
    Tom Mauro, a nearby fellow business owner, feels that they have the right to protect themselves, their employees, and their property. “I’m surprised that a 90-year-old’s carrying a gun but as long as he knows how to do it I’m, I think, I want to shake the man’s hand,” said Mauro.
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    Another example that guns are worth their weight in gold when needed!!!

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