5.56 primed brass, bullets. Not for the faint of heart...

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    Short version: These are already put together long ago, but they should not be used in any firearm. They should be broken down for components use only and I will try to price it accordingly.

    Long version: Friend of the family was a reloader and put these together back in the 80's, guess he was getting ready for Red Dawn. Problem is that the ones I've tried were not all that safe, used some in a Mak-90 and frequently I was getting bullets pushed back into the brass like they didn't get a good crimp. Some of his shotgun shells have been lackluster performers as well so I'm going to assume that he just wasn't all that good at reloading. Wouldn't feel right throwing them away, nor am I equipped to pull all of these apart. All are mixed headstamps from what I've seen, WCC 64, LC 67-77, TW 66-70, RA I'm sure there are others I haven't yet seen. Near all was stored in ammo cans and is in serviceable condition, but I can guarantee nothing.

    Can 1: Old school side-latch .50 cal can, says 1070 rounds of 50gr JSP bullets over 24.0gr of 4350. Another 152 rounds of 50gr JSP bullets in a ziploc bag over 24.0 grains of 3031.


    Can 2: Another old side-latch .50 cal can, says 1600 rounds of 55gr JSP, everything looks clean.




    Can 3: Unknown quantity as I didn't want to sort through all the stripper clips, unknown loadings and various bullets, maybe some are 40gr? Picture looks way worse than in my hand.


    Can 4: Normal style (to me) .50 cal can, says 1200 on it, assume there are 100 rounds to the ziploc and 1200 in the can. Look like JSP, but there are some others that I'm not sure about.


    What is a fair price? I'll impute a 10% failure/rejection rate for any can, so knock the round counts down that much. How about .10/round, minimum one can or .08/round if you take it all. Otherwise make me an offer I can't refuse. I live south of Chehalis, WA so one trip is preferable to multiple meets that burn up all my fuel.
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