WTT OR 30 and 22Cal tracers

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    i have been doing some cleaning in my reloading area and forgot that I got these many moons ago. I am looking to trade for other 30 Caliber bullets between 110 and 220 gr that I can run in my 300 Blackout. I am also looking for other reloading bullets I can run in my 7.62x39 or 6.8spc.
    If you look on the photos you can see a few pull marks from the company that pulled them. But they still did function that last time I loaded them years ago. 53185AB8-297E-4AC6-8953-3D56FC6E464F.jpeg 3EA3872C-0099-4ABC-9051-3E503CF5E8F8.jpeg B8AB27AE-526F-4D5C-AB97-A2DF1A62A7D9.jpeg 78AAFA64-390A-48C2-BE18-C063E50E762C.jpeg CDA28BEA-4278-4293-939B-DB8F52E33C60.jpeg 78C7D45A-F512-4C64-9A42-31B09FCA5004.jpeg Let me know what you have? Text me 503-702-3219. My name is Greg and I am located in Gresham. I work late but will get to everyone when I can. I will be available for trades this weekend. Thanks for looking. I have about 600 22cal tracers and about 1400 30 caliber available. I can get an exact count tomorrow when I sit down after work and count them out.
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