2020 report on where people are moving

California is the only western state with more people leaving than arriving. Unfortunately, as some have already noted on this forum, many are going to Idaho and Arizona.



I only saw confiscatory tax rates mentioned once. Government failure never got mentioned.
People following the jobs? Well golly... why are the jobs leaving? Hmmm... nobody knows. Complete mystery.
The writer glosses over political climate and the government's role in failing states' failure with admirable diplomacy. Even the blue/red map at the beginning of the story is misleading, with the worst states being colored red and the states people are moving to colored blue... obviously not a political map, I'm sure the red/blue color scheme is purely coincidental.
The left has been blaming others for their failures for a long time. Now they're blaming states with nice weather for the exodus from their tax base. Seems about right.

Aero Denezol

...Move to other places where they have nice things and ruin those places too.

I lived in Arizona for several years when it was still Arizona. The first wave of newcomers were hard working smart people who built up successful businesses all over Maricopa County. It was easy to find a good job. Of course all this success attracted the trash.


I remember in 1993. My family came and visited relatives here in Oregon. We were from California at that time and owned a Jeep Wagoneer. It had the wood panels on the side.

When we drove into Portland, there was this pickup truck with some young dudes in it. I don't really remember 100% what they were yelling at us about, including the fact we had California license plates (honestly it was probably something racist as well, I'll ask my Mom when she gets back from her vacation). The driver hocked a loogie and it hit my rear passenger window that I was looking at them through, then the loogie slid down the window and got stuck on the wood panel, which I later had the pleasure/chore to clean off when we were back in California.

We moved up here a few years later cause a house that was on our block, got shot up pretty bad and some of the family living in it died from the shooting (teenagers and one baby).

We had a successful donut shop, (that survived the LA Riots) and was about to open three more with other family members, but my Mom and Dad packed up and packed us up and came to Oregon to work in manufacturing until those manufacturing jobs moved to the Philippines, then opened a restaurant.

Now when I see out of state license plates in Oregon, I think about the job market and how like in a South Park episode about goobacks "they toooook er jerrbbs!" and relative to now, "they took our neighborhoods and houses!!"





Right at the headline...." You can't blame Californians for moving to Arizona. But let's hope they leave behind the progressive policies that ruined their state."

That's the problem. MOST of them bring the idiocy with them and want to infect their new locations. :confused:


It's all a part of their master plan......
To infect the rest of America.....
And/or maybe, it's an effort to get more Reps and Senators in Congress. :eek:

Better put one of these on the front lawn.....

BUT, But, but.....it could also be a matter of leaving CA because they have had enough of it. Did they even take/pass the test? Blue KoolAid or Red KoolAid? And.....do they know the secret handshake for admission?

Aloha, Mark
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