2015 Gun Bills

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    Some of these I like.

    2015 Gun Bills

    HB 2348 Provides honorably retired law enforcement officers with protections provided to Oregon concealed handgun license holders.
    HB 2357 Modifies certain law enforcement defenses applicable to certain firearms-related crimes.
    HB 2424 Authorizes employees of Department of Corrections State Board of Parole and Post-Prison Supervision and Oregon Corrections Enterprises who work in department building to store personal handgun and ammunition in vehicle.
    HB 2429 Repeals sunset on provisions related to relief from prohibition on possessing and purchasing firearms. (more)
    HB 2503 Vests sole authority to regulate hunting ammunition and fishing gear with Legislative Assembly with specified exceptions.
    HB 2527 Provides that active and honorably retired law enforcement officers may possess firearms or other dangerous weapons in public buildings.
    HB 2529 Exempts certain transferors of firearms from requesting criminal history record check if purchaser or recipient has concealed handgun license
    HB 2705 Changes standard in some circumstances for use of deadly physical force.
    SB 86 Authorizes establishment of firearms training facility on lot or parcel that is in exclusive farm zone forest zone or mixed farm and forest zone and that is not within city or urban growth boundary.
    SB 106 Directs Department of Public Safety Standards and Training to establish handgun safety instructor program
    SB 115 Make multiple changes in CHL law . (All good.)
    SB 170 Requires school districts to provide firearm safety courses.
    SB 173 Authorizes person licensed to carry concealed handgun to present valid license instead of providing firearm to peace officer for examination when possessing firearm in public building.
    SB 299Changes states in which residents of Oregon may lawfully obtain long guns for transport into Oregon from contiguous states to all other states
    SB 300 Removes Department of State Police as designated state point of contact for purposes of National Instant Criminal Background Check System.
    SB 315 Provides that used firearm transfer register may be electronic or manual.
    SB 385 Adds justice court and municipal court to definition of court facility in which firearms and other weapons are prohibited except in specified circumstances.

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