1.6 Billion Per Year In Aid to Egypt

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    With 1.3 Billion of it going to their military. Saw these numbers in the news this morning. Can someone please give me a rational, objective 'real' reason for giving them, or any country aid at all? (Aside from standard reasons we are given by the media)
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    Seems we think we can buy friends and influence overseas. Mis Guided foreign policy.
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    Mubarak, meet underside of bus.

    He was a strong ally, for money of course but it was worth it to keep a lid on the powder keg. Among many other things he did was do our Rendition interrogation for us so we could claim that we didn't use un-pc techniques.

    Didn't mind seeing Gaddafi go down but at the time he was co-operating with us, dismantling his WMDs and giving us intel.

    Arab Spring my butt.

    Reminds me of Jimmy Carter. Never criticize our enemies policies but throw our allies under the bus under the guise of 'Human Rights" without realizing that the alternatives would be much, much worse both for their own citizens and world peace.

    Notice how we didn't raise a finger during the Iran and Syria uprisings when those governments were weak? Nope they aren't allies.
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    I think in this case it is very much like Gunfixx said, 'all about the guns' in this particular case, a few months ago there were protests and demonstrations in Egypt to 'not accept the US aid', at the same time the administration here was threatening to stop the US aid to Egypt, but what I read somewhere is that gun manufacturers lobbied in Washington to not touch the US aid since as mentioned $1.3 B is to the military, i.e. money going from the US to Egypt in the form of weapons/contracts to US weapon manufacturers, so money is going from the govt to the weapon manufacturers.

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