Trejo is a surname.This surname originated in Spain in the region of Extremadura. During the Spanish colonial empire of the Americas many people with this surname immigrated to the region. Among the first settlers were Hernando de Trejo and Juan de Trejo who arrived in the Spanish Empire in 1513. Diego Lorenzo de Trejo settled in New Spain in 1577.
Arnulfo Trejo (1922–2002), American writer and professor
Danny Trejo (born 1944), American film actor
Germán Trejo, Mexican American activist
José Luis Trejo (born 1951), Mexican football coach
Lucas Trejo (born 1987), Argentine football player
Mario Trejo (born 1926), Argentine poet, playwright, screenwriter and journalist
Óscar Trejo (born 1988), Argentine footballer
Stephen Trejo (born 1977), American football player

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  1. CountryGent

    Trejo Model 1 Machine Pistol

    Those weird little Mexican Trejo machine-pistols look like fun. Granted, they're totally impractical for anything other than a lightening fast mag dump and the grins, but still. Anywho, the latest Forgotten Weapon episode is on the select-fire Modelo 1 and I thought I'd pass it along in case...
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