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A disaster draft or contingency draft is a disaster recovery plan developed by professional sports leagues to rebuild a team's roster if many players are disabled or killed.

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  1. J

    Trying to refurbish family heirlooms that went through the Santiam Fire (only hoping for wall-hangers)

    So my uncle's house was completely burned to the ground in the Santiam Fire, and he had all of my late grandfather's guns. Every single one had the stocks completely burned off, scope glass melted, and none of them will ever work again. However, he had 2 Winchester Model 94's and 2 Winchester...
  2. L84Cabo

    Annual Updating And Restocking of the First Aid Kit!

    Thought I'd post this as a reminder to go through your kits at least once a year and make sure they're up to date. Or if you don't have a kit yet...time to get on it! And remember, size matters boys! Don't let her tell ya any different! :D:D
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