The Surface Pro 2 is a Surface-series 2-in-1 detachable produced by Microsoft. Unveiled at an event in New York City on September 23, 2013 and released on October 22, 2013, it succeeds the Surface Pro released in February 2013. While maintaining a design similar to the original design of its predecessor, the Surface Pro 2 has improved hardware specifications compared to it, such as a next generation Haswell Intel Core processor and an increased number of storage options, improved versions of the kickstand and cover accessories.

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  1. B

    Other State  Nye Co. NV Pro2A Resolution 2019-12

    Nye Co. is home to Front Sight. Hopefully this serves as an example for others to follow. Nye County Board of County Commissioners issue resolution advising Nevada Legislature of protection of Constitutional Rights for Citizens – Mix 102.7 Boss
  2. arakboss

    Short But Sweet Sign Ideas for Pro2a Candidates or Against Anti-2A Candidates.

    Should campaign signs be positive for pro2a candidates or negative against anti-2a candidates? And what types of messages should be relayed? Any one care to share some sign ideas with very short messages?
  3. arakboss

    Pro2A Family Friendly Picnic/BBQ June 30th 11:30am to 2:30pm, RSVP to Attend.

    Update to info: Forum member Cogs suggested that I include my blog website that contains the picnic info page. I copied and pasted the info from the picnic page in this post below but in case others were interested in my intentions for the picnic you can read more on the about page at the blog...
  4. arakboss

    Oregon  Pro2A House District 20 Voters, Please vote for Kevin Chambers in the Primary.

    Hopefully this is the right section of the forums for this. I do not live in House District 20 but I have been following the races in other districts that I feel are winnable by Pro2A candidates. Currently in HD20 you have an anti-gun Democrat in office (Paul Evans) he is running for office...
  5. FireArm

    Pro-2A memes and quotes

    I don't do the whole Facebook thing anymore but was on it for years, since I was in college when it started until last year. But I was on a friend's profile just looking at th craziness it has become. The people that my friend knows are mostly Pro-2A and I was seeing a lot of great stuff. So...
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