Hopefully this is the right section of the forums for this. I do not live in House District 20 but I have been following the races in other districts that I feel are winnable by Pro2A candidates. Currently in HD20 you have an anti-gun Democrat in office (Paul Evans) he is running for office again. On the republican side you have Kevin Chambers running against Selma Pierce in a primary race for the republican spot. Kevin Chambers has been very open about his pro 2nd Amendment position. Selma Pierce has not been but she did say in one interview that she favors a balance between 2nd Amendment rights against the pursuit of life....happiness (paraphrased). That is code for gun control for all you newbies. A GOP PAC gave Selma Pierce $20,000 already and Kevin has been working with a shoestring budget. The GOP will support Kevin if he wins the Primary and he could beat anti-gun Democrat Paul Evans but he needs support from all Pro2A voters in House District 20 and beyond. This is an important seat along the I5 corridor and Kevin Chambers will be a very strong supporter of our rights. Even if you don't live in the district please support him anyway you can. his twitter acct is @chamberskevins please show him some support.

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