1. arakboss

    What Happens When Firing Case (Smokeless Powder) To Clear Barrel Obstruction.

    Imagine you have a projectile lodged half way down barrel and a primed case with appropiate load of powder is fired to try and blow it out. What do you think will happen?
  2. Throckmorton

    many Alliant powders in, at powder valley inc

    Click on the 'in stock' button, the 'dots', 2400 ,Bullseye, but sadly did not see Unique,but nice to see some Alliant showing up
  3. arakboss

    Final Decision Made For AR15 Muzzleloader Black Powder Project Candidate.

    I have been tossing around different ideas for making a black powder muzzleloader on the AR15 platform. I have decided the easiest and cheapest way to accomplish this is to use my 350 Legend quick change pistol upper project. I have already proved the quick change barrel concept holds up to full...
  4. arakboss

    Black Powder Burn Characteristics ?

    I have read with smokeless powder that there is a danger of powder igniting ahead of the rear portion of the powder column. I believe this is related to a SEE event. Does black powder carry that same risk or does it all instantly burn regardless of ignition point in powder column? As an example...
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