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  1. Howard1955

    Boat-Tail Ruger M77 Mark 2 30-06 Value?

    I’m scouring the interwebs to see how much these rifles are selling for nowadays. I know some folks collect these Zytel-stock rifles - but this one is a shooter, not a pristine collectible. Just the rifle, scope rings, and sling. What do you all reckon it’s worth? Thanks, all. (This is just...
  2. CountryGent

    Which magazines to buy for a Mac equipped with a MAX-10/9 Mark 2 Upper

    Alrighty then! So I am on the list for a slow-fire conversion MAX-10/9 Mark 2 Upper for the Mac-10 that, hopefully, be in soon. Based upon their estimate, it should be imminent. This one: Once I get the call or email, said will be bought. Question: which magazines will run on this setup...
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