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Which magazines to buy for a Mac equipped with a MAX-10/9 Mark 2 Upper

Alrighty then! So I am on the list for a slow-fire conversion MAX-10/9 Mark 2 Upper for the Mac-10 that, hopefully, be in soon. Based upon their estimate, it should be imminent. This one:


Once I get the call or email, said will be bought. Question: which magazines will run on this setup? The whole Mac production thing is confusing, so I am not clear. I'd like to buy a dozen or so for between the time we escape to the southwest and/or the idiots in this state pass a Socialistic magazine ban. The latest dipsh¡tttery exempts dealers like me, but still: adiós, Oregón. (Beautiful, but too much rain and too many Bolsheviks.)
I used to have a Mac 10 in 45 and I converted it to use grease gun mags which made sense at the time when they were $7 each. Now a in wrap grease gun mag will set you back a hundred bucks.
Yikes. I didn't know grease gun mags were that bad now. Back in the day, those and Sten magazines were a dime'a'dozen.

I have read about a Mac conversion where it runs on Uzi magazines. I'm not likely to do it, particularly if Lage can sell me reliable mags, but it is interesting.
Thanks for the link. From the comments, it looks like it will require some sanding to fit a 10A1. Granted, that isn't the end of the world.


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Cerberus Training Group
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Cerberus Training Group
47 Cattle Dr, Goldendale, WA 98620, USA


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