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Hyves was a social networking site in the Netherlands with mainly Dutch visitors and members, where it competed with sites such as Facebook and MySpace. Hyves was founded in 2004 by Raymond Spanjar and Floris Rost van Tonningen. The service was available in both Dutch and English.In May 2010 Hyves had more than 10.3 million accounts. These correspond to two thirds of the size of the Dutch population (which stood at over 16 million in 2010), however this included multiple accounts per person and inactive accounts. The number of accounts had grown by over two million as compared to 1.5 years earlier. Hyves could be used free of charge, but there was an option for a paid Premium Membership (called "Gold Membership"). Gold members had access to some extra features, such as the ability to use a wider variety of smilies in their messages and more uploading space for pictures. The creators have said that the basic of a Hyves account will always be free.In 2013, the social network was officially discontinued, due to the huge decrease in accounts due to the growing popularity of other social networks like Facebook and Twitter in the Netherlands. The site continued as Hyves Games, where members could use their Hyves accounts to play social games.

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  1. Fishonshawn

    Hyve technologies extended mag release

    What crap. I ordered one for my shield because I got their trigger and it is awesome. I installed the extended mag release and went to insert the mag and....it doesnt go in...it stops dead half way inserted. I wiggle the mag around and it goes in..I drop it out and try again and it hangs up...
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