Harvey Comics (also known as Harvey World Famous Comics, Harvey Publications, Harvey Comics Entertainment, Harvey Hits, Harvey Illustrated Humor, and Harvey Picture Magazines) was an American comic book publisher, founded in New York City by Alfred Harvey in 1941, after buying out the small publisher Brookwood Publications. His brothers Robert B. Harvey and Leon Harvey joined soon after. The company soon got into licensed characters, which by the 1950s, became the bulk of their output. The artist Warren Kremer is closely associated with the publisher.
Harvey's signature mascot is "Joker", a harlequin jack-in-the-box character.

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  1. robertg

    Hurricane Harvey Comments on Currency, Ammo & Guns

    Ft Collins, CO –-(Ammoland.com)- Harvey Follow-up: “Prepare, or go hunting for a four-leaf clover” ~ Marshall Comments from our students and instructors in the affected area, all of whom are, of course, well prepared: “Power and water are off altogether in many areas, intermittent in others”...
  2. jsparks747

    Pretty Dang Brilliant

    Just saw this on youtube and dang this is cool! Spent $8300 on an aqua dam and saved a hell of a lot of money in the long run. Aqua Dam, Inc., patent holders of the original water-filled AquaDam cofferdam.
  3. Norwestr55

    Hurricane Harvey Wind Speed Map

    Pretty cool! Click where you want a reading. Click where it says "Earth" to change the parameters. Of course you can move it to where ever you want. earth :: a global map of wind, weather, and ocean conditions
  4. ATCclears

    Hurricane Harvey looks like it will seriously impact Houston, TX

    HURRICANE HARVEY The forecast as of Friday morning looks like it will almost "hover" over the area for a few days.
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