free rifle

The men's team free rifle was a shooting sports event held as part of the Shooting at the 1920 Summer Olympics programme. It was the fourth appearance of the event. The competition was held on 31 July 1920. 70 shooters from 14 nations competed.

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  1. ditchtiger

    free rifle

    A family friend turned up first time in 2 years. Drinking and BSing and gun topic comes up. And he says," I have an AK47 I don't want, don't know anything about it. I think it's missing some parts but I'll give it to you just to see it working again." I offered to fix it for him but he said no...
  2. CountryGent

    Transferring Grandpa's hunting rifle ...

    So, my wife's grandfather would like to gift us his hunting rifle. It is, from what I heard, a 1960s-vintage Winchester 70 in .300 Winchester Magnum. Grandpa, however, is a resident of Wisconsin, not Oregon. My wife's father and mother, both Oregon residents, will be traveling to Wisconsin...
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