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  1. The Heretic

    Integral suppressor for FN PS90??

    [video=youtube;6JXAO-w1wRA] The title for the vid is "integrated", which I assume they meant integral. I went to their site (Quarter Circle 10) and found nothing related to PS90s Why would I want an integral suppressor option for the PS90? At least two reasons: 1) Preserve some velocity...
  2. Camelfilter

    FN PS90 home made brass catcher, any ideas?

    Curious if anyone has any ideas on making a brass catcher for an FN PS90. I did some google - foo, but every site comes back as "blocked: Weapons" where I currently am. When I briefly checked interwebs back at the homestead, there really weren't that many ideas. The ones that seemed to be...
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