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Dinner usually refers to the most significant and important meal of the day, which can be the noon or the evening meal. However, the term "dinner" can have many different meanings depending on the culture; it may mean a meal of any size eaten at any time of the day. Historically, it referred to the first meal of the day, eaten around noon, and is still sometimes used for a noon-time meal, particularly if it is a large or main meal. The meaning as the evening meal, generally the largest of the day, is becoming a standard in many parts of the English-speaking world.

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  1. IOM

    MRE Dinner Date

    The MRE Dinner Date If you have never eaten an MRE then this might not strike you as very funny, but have had lived on these things and knowing what they are capable of doing to ones digestive tract. I couldn't stop laughing..... I had a date the other night at my place. On the phone the day...
  2. tourproto

    Good guy kills bad guy at Popeyes

    Surprised I saw this on apple news. Good guy with gun kills bad guy with gun. Texas gun owner shoots, kills man trying to rob him and family at Popeyes, report says — Fox News
  3. etrain16

    Question - How do you Prepare your Turkey?

    I know folks will have different things for Thanksgiving, though the majority of folks will have turkey. I have to confess that I love turkey, when properly prepared, but when overcooked, dry or just bland, it becomes something I don't want anywhere near my mouth hole :p Unfortunately, I've had...
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