Dennis Michael Richardson (born July 30, 1949) is an American lawyer, business owner, and politician who is the 26th and current Secretary of State of Oregon. He is from Central Point, Oregon and served six terms in the Oregon House of Representatives as a member of the Oregon Republican Party. Richardson represented House District 4, which includes portions of Jackson and Josephine counties. He was the Republican nominee for Governor of Oregon in the 2014 election, losing to incumbent John Kitzhaber.
In 2016, Richardson was the successful Republican nominee for Oregon Secretary of State, defeating Democratic candidate Brad Avakian with 47% of the vote to Avakian's 43%.

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  1. N

    Oregon  Dennis Richardson making signature gathering process faster in Oregon?

    Got this email today. I'm not positive, but it looks like Dennis Richardson is changing the rules for gathering signatures on ballot initiatives so it will be faster. Changing the rules in the middle of this process to make it easier for the Chief Petitioners is an insult to Oregon citizens in...
  2. CountryGent

    Dennis Richardson's Preparedness Message

    The Mrs (@TeacherSmurf) received an emailed newsletter from our Secretary of State, Dennis Richardson, today. It concerned preparedness. I thought I would pass it along in the event it is of interest: Preparing For Disaster—Emergency Preparation and Management
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