Cert or CERT may refer to:
Certificate (disambiguation), several meanings
Certiorari, a Latin legal term for a court order requiring judicial review of a case
Certiorari before judgment, a specific form of a writ of certiorari
Cert pool, shorthand term for the pool of applicants for a writ of certiorari from the United States Supreme Court

Carbon Emission Reduction Target, a United Kingdom government initiative
Correctional Emergency Response Team, a team of correction officers
Council of Energy Resource Tribes, a consortium of tribes to establish tribal control over natural resources
Council of Education, Recruitment and Training Irish hospitality training authority 1963–2003
Computer emergency response team, an expert group that handles computer security incidents
CERT Coordination Center, the worldwide center for coordinating information about Internet security at Carnegie Mellon University, the first and most well-known CERT
United States Computer Emergency Readiness Team (US-CERT)

CERT Group of Companies, a private education provider in the Middle East
Community emergency response team, teams of volunteer emergency responders across the United States
Constant extension rate tensile testing, a standard method of testing of materials, also known as slow strain rate testing

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  1. S

    First Aid Cert in Vancouver area???

    Hey all Looking for a basic First Aid/CPR certification course in the Vancouver area. Not looking for anything other than basic stuff with some CPR. Ive seen a few, but seem pretty high priced. Any suggestions? How much is an appropriate cost for 1st Aid certification? There will be three...
  2. CountryGent

    Dennis Richardson's Preparedness Message

    The Mrs (@TeacherSmurf) received an emailed newsletter from our Secretary of State, Dennis Richardson, today. It concerned preparedness. I thought I would pass it along in the event it is of interest: Preparing For Disaster—Emergency Preparation and Management
  3. CountryGent

    Do you take part in CERT?

    The title kind of says it: do you participate in CERT? If so, do you have any insights into said you'd like to share? Thanks!
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