First Dates is a British reality television programme that has aired on Channel 4 since 20 June 2013. The programme has been narrated by Brian Protheroe since 2015.

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  1. MrNatural

    Some handy info on MRE's

    "How To Live On MRE's For 21 Days" How to Live on MREs for 21 Days? Lots of Water, Expert Says - Kit Up! "MRE Recipes" MRE Recipes Just from experience, it's the condiments that make MRE's palatable over a long haul. Invest in a couple small bottles of Tabasco sauce. You don't have to use...
  2. Siglvr

    Red Cross "Prepare Out Loud" dates

    In case you are desiring to get some loved ones involved in prepping and don't want to be thought insane, or you want to get yourself going, the Red Cross has a couple of speaking dates to get you started preparing for the next major earthquake they all say is heading our way. "The Prepare...
  3. CHLChris

    Fixed  Supporter status valid dates

    @Joe Link I just got a note that my Bronze Supporter status was 7 days from expiring (Feb. 3) so I went right away and upgraded to Silver. But the expiry date for that shows January 27 of next year. It really should show Feb. 3 of next year. Otherwise, users are encouraged to wait until it...
  4. SafeFire Range

    Date Night is Back!!

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