Custom PC (usually abbreviated to 'CPC') is a UK-based computer magazine created by Mr Freelance Limited, and published by Dennis Publishing Ltd. It's aimed at PC hardware enthusiasts, covering topics such as modding, overclocking and PC gaming. The first issue was released in October 2003 and it is published monthly. Audited circulation figures are 9,428 (ABC, Jan-Dec 2014). Gareth Ogden retired as editor of Custom PC at the end of Issue 52. Issue 53 was edited by Deputy Editor James Gorbold; from Issue 54 onwards the magazine was edited by Alex Watson. From Issue 87 to Issue 102 the magazine was edited by James Gorbold. From Issue 103 onward, the magazine has been edited by Ben Hardwidge.
Between 2009 and January 2012 the magazine was partnered with enthusiast site, with the two editorial teams merging and sharing resources across both the site and the magazine. Custom PC's James Gorbold took over as Group Editor of the two teams. However, since February 2012, the two brands have separated and content is no longer shared between the two publications, although many of the magazine's writers continue to write for bit-tech.

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  1. jwilcox746

    Custom Leather Work - Add Integrated Boot Holster

    Howdy, I'm looking to have a custom holster sewn into my cowboy boots for my Ruger LCP. I recall a forum mention a year or two ago about this being done but I can't find that post now. Any recommendations on a place that does this sort of work? Anyone that's done this have feedback on how well...
  2. Tikkakoski

    El Paso Saddlery Headache

    Hey guys, Anyone else have any experiences ordering from El Paso Saddlery? Before I ordered I did quite a bit of digging and found some pretty mixed reviews but figured I would chance it. The belt and holster rig I ordered for woods carry of my 44 magnum turned into a nightmare that's still...
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