The coho salmon (Oncorhynchus kisutch; Karuk: achvuun) is a species of anadromous fish in the salmon family and one of the five Pacific salmon species. Coho salmon are also known as silver salmon or "silvers". The scientific species name is based on the Russian common name kizhuch (кижуч).

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  1. coastal steelheader

    Shocking! Study finds that the Muckelshoots didn't report their coho accurately

    Wow I am shocked! The Muckelshoot tribe must have taken the same math class as the Quinaults. Numbers Don’t Add Up | Tribal Catch Questioned Numbers Don't Add Up | Tribal Catch Questioned POSTED BY: TIDAL EXCHANGE STAFF MARCH 20, 2017 As any of our regular readers will know, 2016 Coho...
  2. jsparks747

    Crystal Springs Salmon?

    I have been wondering since the whole creek modification for the salmon was completed and coho were spotted spawning weather or not by next year the banks would be coated with fishermen. What do you guys think?
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