Cai Yuanpei (Chinese: 蔡元培; pinyin: Cài Yuánpéi; 11 January 1868 – 5 March 1940) was a Chinese educator, Esperantist, president of Peking University, and founder of the Academia Sinica. He was known for his critical evaluation of Chinese culture and synthesis of Chinese and Western thinking, including anarchism. At Peking University he assembled influential figures in the New Culture and May Fourth Movements.

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    PTR 91 GI vs CAI C308 vs AR10

    Thinking about a semi-auto 308 battle rifle, I've narrowed it down to three options: PTR 91 GI pricing is just under $1K CAI C308 $600 AR10 built from complete upper and complete lower, $500 with PSA parts. I would like to hear from people who have experience preferably with all three or two of...
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