B&T AG (formerly Brügger & Thomet AG; sometimes rendered B+T) is a Swiss defence supplier specializing in the design and manufacturing of firearms and tactical components such as sound suppressors and rail systems. The company is based in Thun, canton of Berne.
B&T consists of a trading and a manufacturing division. The trading division works mainly to supply the domestic law enforcement and military market, representing global companies in the industry such as Heckler & Koch, Aimpoint, SureFire and others. The company is also involved in the import and export of other war material including small arms, ammunition and related accessories.
Brügger & Thomet AG was established in May 1991 by Karl Brügger and Heinrich Thomet to produce suppressors for the domestic Swiss market. Some time after, Heinrich Thomet withdrew from the enterprise and sold his shares to Brügger, who remains the sole owner of B&T. The company was ISO 9001:2008 certified in 2005. The company name was changed to B&T AG in 2011. B&T reported 50 employees in 2014, and 70 employees in 2017.The manufacturing branch specializes in the design and production of firearms, suppressors and modular accessory mounts for wide array of small arms. The company also owns an extensive collection of almost 500 different types of firearms that it uses for reference in developing new products.
In 2004, Brügger & Thomet started to produce its own line of complete weapons, beginning with a revised variant of the 9mm Steyr TMP known as the MP9 submachine gun, and a civilian semi-automatic model called the TP9. This would later be accompanied by the 7.62mm APR308 sniper rifle and the long-range APR338 version chambered in .338 Lapua Magnum. In 2006, B&T released the GL06 40×46mm grenade launcher, with the APC9 submachine gun being released in 2011. B&T is also a parts supplier for many other major manufacturers.
The firm's production facility consists of 17 CNC workstations and nine conventional workstations for prototyping work.

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