From an ambiguous term: This is a redirect from an ambiguous page name to a page or list that disambiguates it. These redirects are pointed to by links that should always be disambiguated. Therefore, this template should never appear on a page that has "(disambiguation)" in its title – in that case use {{R to disambiguation page}} instead.
From a modification: This is a redirect from a modification of the target's title; for example, its words are rearranged, or punctuation in the name is changed. In cases of modification from distinctly longer or shorter names, please use {{R from long name}} or {{R from short name}}, respectively.
Use this rcat instead of {{R from other capitalisation}} and {{R from plural}} in namespaces other than mainspace for those types of modification.

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  1. Will_White

    Does it make sense for me to build a 300 blackout AR?

    I'm going to be building my first AR lower in a couple weeks, the stock, grip, and buffer tube are on their way, and now I'm having to decide what upper I'm going to put on it. I've been thinking about a .300 blackout build because of it's superiority over the .223 inside of 300 yards and it...
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