The Getrag 282 transmission was a 5-speed manual transaxle designed by Getrag for Chevrolet. It is sometimes referred to as the Muncie 282 or the Muncie Getrag 282, as the transmission was manufactured by the Muncie, Indiana manual transmission plant. It has been used in various front-wheel drive transverse engine applications including the Chevrolet Cavalier, Pontiac Sunbird, Pontiac Grand Am, Chevrolet Beretta and the Oldsmobile Achieva. It was also used in the mid-engined rear-wheel drive Pontiac Fiero. In its later years, the Getrag 282 was manufactured by New Venture Gear and renamed the NVG T550.

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  1. SunTzu

    Night Vision Devices & Gear: Best/Worst Discussion

    Let's discuss ALL THINGS related to seeing in the dark. NVG, thermal, intensifier tubes vs digital, weapon vs head mount, white lights, ir lasers, helmets, skull crushers, adapters, pvs14 bnvg dtnvg or anything else you can think of. So, I'm about 4 months into night vision goggles. I jumped in...
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