The Ruger 77/22 is a bolt-action rimfire rifle chambered for the .22 Long Rifle, .22 WMR, or .22 Hornet. It has a removable rotary magazine which allows the magazine to fit flush with the bottom of the stock. The 77/22 was introduced in 1983 and was based on the centerfire Model 77 Mark II. Each rifle comes with scope rings and a lock.

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    Ruger 77/44 bolt action .44magnum rifle

    Picked one up and dont ever want to put it down. Owned many Rugers over the years, a dozen 10/22s, M77 30.06 (was awesome), M77 .338 win mag (beast), mini14s, a mini30, Mark1, a couple P89s, blackhawks, super blackhawks. I found a 77/44 picked it up and wanted to buy it instantly. Im in the...
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