Wuxtree! Crazy Norwegians in PO changes hands....

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    I know that many of you here, especially Oregonians, will be familiar with the little blue restaurant on the bend of Highway 101 as you head on south through Port Orford.

    Crazy Norwegians has been a 'must-stop' for us for more years than I care to remember, and Pat and Mary always made us long-distance travellers feel as though we had just walked into their home dining room.

    All good things must end, and this is their last newsletter - I hope that if any of you are offended by a furriner posting it, you won't flame me too much, we DO have firm connections in PO since local Dick Smith and I are the Prez and VP of the Port Orford Traffic light appreciation Society. Driving over from Eastern England to a little township on the very edge of South Western Oregon really isn't much of a chore when you have good friends and good food waiting there for you...

    Anyhow, here's the goodbye from Pat -

    Hi Folks,
    With a quite sad heart, we are publishing our last newsletter. The Crazy's has sold and the transaction is complete. Mary and I have been here at the helm for over 12 years. The new owner (Dianne) plans to keep things the same for a while, and when she does make any changes, they will be positive ones, so don't worry. The employees are all staying so the high level of service, prep and cooking continues.

    We worked hard to provide a welcoming atmosphere for you all, friendly, competent wait staff and the best meals we could prepare. From the start, that was our philosophy. We are assured by Dianne that philosophy will remain. We will miss you all and the restaurant and our employee family.

    Over the course of our ownership, we took a business that had some good food but was fairly run down and in need of serious remodeling, repairs and a menu redo. We did all that as best we were able and a look at some statistics might be in order. So, for the 12 years:

    Payroll over $1.5 Million
    Alaskan Pacific Cod sold - 120 tons
    French fries sold - 140 tons
    Clam Chowder sold - 17,000 gallons
    Burgers sold - 120,000
    Customers through the door - 1.2 Million !
    Homemade berry pies made - 8000
    Ice cream shakes sold - almost 50,000
    Cole Slaw made - 45 tons
    etc. you get the idea.

    It has been a good run and a very positive experience for us and we want to thank you, our loyal customers for making the Crazy's successful. We also want to again thank our employee family for their loyalty, dedication and hard work. They are the true stars of the Crazy's.

    Pat and Mary

    tac, mrs tac and the family ig

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