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    not sure if this belongs here or in another section, so mods feel free to move it

    Anyway, I'm looking to trade guns/cash for a decent AMC Gremlin. Prefer 6cyl, but any engine will do. Prefer any transmission other than the three on the tree, but that will do too. I don't care if it looks like crap, as long as it runs, drives, and is in safe operating condition. I don't want anything that's completely rusted out, has serious body damage, branded title, or other major issues either. Car must have a clear title as well. Also prefer a recent daily driver.

    I live near Roseburg, so if you're close, I may also consider one that doesn't run if it would only require minor work to make it run again.

    I have limited mechanical abilities, so no major projects. I'm on a limited budget as well, and don't expect a mint condition gremlin or some fancy schmancy overpriced crapmobile either. I basically just want something that I can drive and be embarrassed in. It must be in good enough condition to restore though.

    the gremlin must be REASONABLY priced for me to consider it. The few I've seen for sale recently weren't even close to being reasonably priced, I don't care how rare or "collectable" these cars have recently become, a gremlin is still a gremlin, and should be priced accordingly.

    I figure the absolute most I'm willing to spend/trade is $1500, possibly $2k if it's an incredibly awesome deal.

    The guns I'm listing aren't for sale or trade for anything other than an AMC gremlin. If you have a gremlin in my price range and are only interested in cash instead of guns, I'll have to sell a few first before I can buy it. I basically just don't want to sell off any guns I have to get enough money for an oddball car that I might not even find.

    I'm also not willing to trade ALL of the guns listed, as some of them I'm quite attached to, but here's what I have that I'm possibly willing to trade, and what they're worth to me:

    -Winchester 94 30-30. sling, 2 boxes of factory ammo, nice shape. $385

    -S&W 29 .44 mag. 6.5" barrel, 2 sets of grips, unoriginal box. $600

    -ruger 10/22. 1 mag, missing front barrel band, really rough shape, blueing is bad, but it shoots just fine. I bought it for a truck gun, and that's all it's good for in the shape it's in. $100

    -savage 12ga semi auto (745B?). can't remember the model number for sure, but it has an alloy receiver, and I believe is a clone of the browning a5. adjust. choke. missing screw out of handguard, fairly rough shape, but shoots pretty good and doesn't have much recoil. $225

    -ruger mark II target. can't remember for sure, but I think the barrel is 5.5". slab side. stainless, fancy grips, drilled/tapped, really nice pistol. comes w/factory hard case, 3 mags, nice scope rings (no scope though). $395

    -mossberg 590. like new, less than 50 shells fired through it. comes with bayonet, side saddle, and a mount thingie for a sling that goes under the end cap. $330

    -Intratec TEC-DC9. pretty good shape, but has a few spots of minor rust. has been unreliable a lot in the past, but was working pretty good the last time I shot it. comes with factory hard case, 32 round factory mag, extra firing pin and recoil springs, and 2 aftermarket junk mags. $400

    -walther P22. black. I've put 400-600 rounds through it since new. comes w/case, lock, 2 mags, paperwork, and whatever else it came with from the gunshop. $295

    -ruger 10/22. like new. blue/walnut, cheap tasco scope. I was told it only had 20 rds through it from the dude I bought it from, and I've put less than 100 through it since I've had it. $165

    -MPA 930T. 9mm full size semi-auto MAC clone. less than 100 rounds through it since new. hard case, 1 30 rd mag, and 5 "low friction" 20 round mags from IMA. (this gun takes STEN mags). $325

    -Hakim semi-auto 8mm (basically an M1 garand on steroids). this is another gun that has given me a lot of problems in the past, although I think most of it is ammo related. When it's cycling good, this is accurate as any M1 I've shot...just loud, heavy, and awkward. comes w/bayonet, sling, 2 25 rd mags, 1 factory 10 rd mag, and I think I have 400 or 500 rounds of surplus yugo ammo

    -marlin 983t .22mag. bolt action, tube fed. blue/synth. sling, cheap scope. maybe 150 rounds through it since new. also have 300-400 rounds of ammo as well.

    -ruger SA .44 carbine. peep sights. blueing is rough. stock has a few dents/dings. gun shoots good, but it's not a collector's item in the shape it's in, just a plinker/hunting gun.

    BTW, this list is in order from top to bottom by how willing I am to trade them, as it would take a pretty smokin' gremlin to talk me out of my ruger .44.

    Like I said, no sales or trades for other guns. If you don't have an AMC Gremlin like I'm looking for, then there's no need to post or PM me.

    If you're serious and have a gremlin, I can get better pics later on, but here's about the only pics I have at the moment:
    (don't bother asking about any of the other guns pictured that I didn't list either, as they're either not for trade, or I no longer have them)

    OR residents only.
    I'm near Roseburg.
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    also forgot I have a remington 870 express super mag I don't like and wouldn't mind trading either. I think I've only put 20-25 shells through it (all 3.5"), so it's practically new....and absolutely freaking brutal to shoot too. also have 3.5" ammo to go with it (1 box of birdshot, 20-30 rds of buck, and 2 or 3 boxes of those vicious lightfield 3.5" slugs)
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    So youd be willing to trade these guns for an AMC Gremlin? Id almost give you guns to keep one out of my driveway!:D Seems to me there is one floating around Salem with a Dodge 400 in it for pretty cheap.
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    Hey there's a 1972 in p town Craigs list for 500 bucks 2door 4 speed

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