Winchester Model 70 Pre-64 300 H&H questions

Discussion in 'Rifle Discussion' started by stromith, Dec 14, 2011.

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    I bought this gun from a private party who had no history on this gun. I know that the "stock" stocks are checkered with a metal butt plate. the stock that is on the gun has a different butt plate( almost like its been cut down to fit someone) ... I have read that not all are checkered some "match guns". Does anyone know how i can check this or maybe shine some light on this? I do know its a 300 H&H . it was manufactured in 1938. the serial number is 141xx . I dont know any winchester experts. There is a gun show this weekend in portland im going to take i too. but it would be great not to be talking out of my ***.




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    Since you asked, please don't flame me.
    1. The stock is not original, all standard Pre War Model 70's had checkering, unless special ordered.
    2. The pistol grip is shaped wrong.
    3. The forearm is to thin.
    4. The stock finish is not original.
    5. The Monte Carlo cheek is incorrect.
    6. As stated, the butt pad is not original.
    7. The stocks length of pull looks short.
    8. The bolt handle has been modified for a scope, someone altered the bolt handle and ground the surface with a belt sander. The original bolt handle was shaped like a Model 54, it would not clear a scope.

    This rifle is a nice example of an early Model 70 that has had a life, someone modified this to use, there is nothing wrong with that, it just affects the value, alot.
    You should take the scope base off as it looks like it is not installed correctly, I could be wrong as it is not in my hands, but from the picture it looks wrong.
    I hope this helps, not trying to slam your Model 70.


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