Why I shop at AirGun Depot

Discussion in 'Air Rifle & Pistol Discussion' started by John B, Apr 24, 2014.

  1. John B

    John B
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    I've always shopped with Airgun Depot and Ill tell you why. When I order a rifle they put it in a box and send it to me and that's all I want. With the other dealers there is another charge they call it ten for ten.This means right down the line you pay ten dollars more. If you don't pay good luck trying to warranty anything and they will probably stick you with a gun that didn't pass the test. The manufacture packs the barrel with cosmoline to protect it from rust and corrosion during shipping this needs to be cleaned out before firing do they do this. how do you know? If I want children to open and brake my stuff Ill give it to the neighbor kid he'll do it for free and at least I know his name. Me iv'e been totally satisfied with Airgun Depot and cant see any reason to shop anywhere else.
  2. Qjay

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    That sounds pretty good.

    How much money have you spent there? What did you get?
  3. IronMonster

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    Ive bought two rifles from Airgun Depot. Happy with both purchases.
  4. jaxworks

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    Why I shop at Pyramid Air....they ship promptly, their reviews are spot on and they take care of their customers. I have purchased several rifles and lots of ammo....they are great to deal with and have an extensive line of every airgun you can name.

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