Who out there owns a smith and wesson M@P1522?

Discussion in 'Rifle Discussion' started by Spoonfullamikey, Jun 19, 2012.

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    Allright folks more questions, hopefully more of the usuall high quality answers. I just got around to tricking out my 1522 and i was installing a MIAD grip on it and the detent spring for the rear takedown pin would not line up properly. I did some good 'ol fashined bubba/garage build type stuff and made it work. It took a whole lot longer than I thought it would and that i wouldove hoped but hey it looks like it will hold up and it is a whole lot more comfortable. So here is the qustions: why does the MIAD not link up right with the 1522? Is it a different spaceing than a reall AR? And the MIAD grip itself? What did you all think of it? Personaly i think it a great idea and comfortable as hell but if this is just poor machining that made this thing fit funny than i cant very well cast it in a very positive light. And i will say this: I had to do some sanding to get of the backstraps to come on and off without haveing to use all of my 220 pound frame to do it. It was tight. It brought a whole new meaning to tight. And on that note i am going to stop my wramblings on this thread before i make a joke that effends someone. Thanks for your time folks

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    Mine came with the magpul goodies on it. Had no issues when I took the grip off and put a ergo grip on. MIAD came off easy and the Ergo went on easy!
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    Mine came with the moe furniture as well. I've not changed anything and there is a gap there where the rear of the grip meets the receiver.

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