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Discussion in 'Education & Training' started by BGE541, Sep 26, 2012.

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    Well it seems there is a solid amount of interest in the Washington/Oregon area for not only longer range shooting but a fundamentally sound basis for all distance shooting. So my question is this...

    For a 2-3 day course what would you (the shooters) want from a course? Im talking anything from basics of first round hits in hunting scenarios (with hunting rifle/optics) to a Tactical course (all rifles 1 moa capable/mil scopes/ranging with scope ect). Preferably 2 or 3 people per course for personal and specialized instruction. The purpose for asking is as someone that loves to shoot, I want others to experience the same, granted their are some fundamentals the must be gone over or taught correctly my goal is to provide training that helps you where you desire it! I would like to have the courses be of one shooting 'niche' but both can be taught at different dates.

    Thank you for your input. Also at these courses (hunting or tactical) rifles will be avalible to demo from STS which can allow you to witness just how fun and accurate long range shooting (and you!) can be.

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    This is kind of a tall order for a single class isn't it?

    I could see a Basic Rifle class, Intermediate Rifle Hunting, Intermediate Rifle Long distance and Intermediate Rifle Tactical. They all have very different focuses.

    Basic Rifle would be your basic 100 level course about rifle parts, cleaning, good NPA/NAA, optics mounting, optics use, compass use, and things like that.

    Intermediate Rifle Hunting, perhaps your Rifle Safety course refresher with a season/laws review, tracking techniques, shot on the run techniques and things of this nature.

    Intermediate Rifle Long distance, hitting 1000 yards, reticle ranging, ballistic programs, area of operation maps, unusual attitudes (up and down hills) and how they effect ballistics, and a few others items.

    Intermediate Rifle Tactical, this to me is more of a rifle in closer quarters to 300 yards max. Room clearing, handling carbines, mag changes, using cover/concealment, and the like. More of your MagPul type class.

    Personally, for me I would want to see the Intermediate classes particularly Rifle Long Distance and Rifle Tactical.

    Each class should have a clear syllabus with objectives for each class, with supporting material.

    Though, most classes which would only have a handful of students would be a bit more expensive. You would also need at least 3 instructors if you were on a range. Two would be giving instruction one is the Range Officer. Don't forget liability and for some classes and training of this type, you are required to do background checks on the participants.

    I think that is it for now,
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    If you love shooting and want to pass it on, your best bet is to become an Appleseed instructor. The organization already exists, and teaches sound principles of rifle marksmanship, along with a touch of history and philosophy.

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