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    So in the Washington Review Thread it says to PM Northwest Politics or Joey Link to start a new review thread, but seems neither of those two people seem to exist. I prefer forums more local, like northwestfirearms, but just trying to contact the admin to the thread and having them not exist makes me more likely to use other forum sites.

    Sure there is other stores around here that I could talk up, but none of them except these three feel like they meet the criteria of what would deserve a permanent spot yet, like Spartan Arms & Hydrographics, one of those new shops that sells Magpul PMAG's for less then $20 still.

    That said, I believe that these stores deserve a spot in reviews as they are fixture stores in Skagit & Whatcom County.
    Yeager's in Bellingham
    Dave's Sportshop in Lynden (firearm exporter)
    Skagit Arms in Burlington

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